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Dark Matter InsurTech Launches dmConnect!

Flagship automation platform launched to attack keystrokes, enable digital transformation, and reduce friction in the E&S placement transaction.

Connecting a Universe of Systems, Dark Matter....

True end-to-end digital distribution has always been a challenge in the E&S marketplace for many reasons. The freedom of rate and form makes it difficult to create electronic data standards, consistent applications across carriers, and automation solutions that meet a significant amount of E&S intermediary's needs in a single product. While the proliferation of rating API's ushered in the promise of creating such a digital highway, it instead led to the mass creation of carrier portals, comparative indications, and custom rate, quote, bind and issue platforms. While this might have taken rate and form burden off of the intermediary, it significantly increased the amount of data entry required to get multiple bindable quotes back to retail agents, let alone all the data entry to get quotes and binders back into the agency management system, or system of record, of the MGA, Wholesale Broker, Program Administrator, or MGU. All of these platforms are standalone and detached, as are any other data sources required to complete the process or enhance it. This has relegated the wholesale agency management system to minimal data entry and essentially just a gateway to an invoice and accounting transaction. Enter dmConnect, an interface engine and connectivity platform architected to eliminate the duplicate entry, automate processes, enrich data, and turn your agency management system into the system of record you need it to be. dmConnect allows interaction with multiple rate and/or data sources and tethers them to the associated risk in your line of business system, allowing expansion and scalability of digital interactions while accelerating responsiveness and service levels for customers. Reach out to discover Dark Matter InsurTech today and schedule a demonstration of the dmConnect platform!


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