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Seamless Connectivity to Streamline Operations

Carrier Real-Time Quote & Policy Download

Dark Matter has partnered with a growing list of major Specialty Carriers to facilitate full quote data download directly into your agency management system with a single click!  Interact with your AMS, download quotes and version of quotes, without ever leaving the Carrier's portal.  Imagine binding, servicing and renewing with the entire Carrier data set as your starting point!

Process Automation & Efficiency

With the same number of staff, our MGA's are able to produce more quotes, more versions of quotes, in a fraction of the time they currently spend.  We enable our customers to get the fastest, most data-enriched, quote options back to their Retailers.  If you can work more submissions to create more quotes and more quote options, and you are getting the first and best quotes out the door, you will write more business.

Data Enrichment

Our digital integrations directly into the major Agency Management Systems in the E&S space allows significant data enrichment opportunities.  Having entire sets of Carrier and risk data, forms lists, accurate premium and deductible breakouts, allows for detailed analytics on wins, losses, and growth opportunities for our MGA customers.  We give you the information to make intelligent, informed decisions on how to grow and manage your company.

Multi-Interface, Multi-Workflow

dmConnect facilitates data flow that includes mapping, transposition and normalization for ingestion into any target platform.  Data can flow based on a variety of factors including the particular end-user, office, Carrier partner, etc.  This can be configured simultaneously across multiple source to destination flows, so that dmConnect can account for any system variances that might exist.

Platform Integration Variety

dmConnect is architected to connect any disparate or detached platforms whether they are vendor-built or custom.  Despite how unique each Specialty Carrier portal might be, or the differences in their data formats, rate factors, lines of business, etc, dmConnect normalizes this flow into a consistent output for your AMS or front-end quote management tool.

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